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  Evaluation of Post-Emergent Graminicides in Tank Mix Combination with Mesotrione in the Sprout Year of Wild Blueberries

G.L. Graham and M.J. Melanson

Partner: Bleuets NB Blueberries

Abstract: Grass weeds continue to limit production in wild blueberry and many graminicides can be used to manage grasses. Producers may want to add a broadleaf tank-mix partner to broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled by these graminicides. Mesotrione has potential for this use and a tank mix application of both graminicide and mesotrione would provide broad spectrum weed control. A trial was established near Pennfield, New Brunswick in a commercial wild blueberry field entering the vegetative phase of production. Fluazifop required a high application rate to provide control of Canada bluegrass (Poa compressa), while sethoxydim controlled the Canada bluegrass at both rates tested. Evaluation of both of these products across different grass species in lowbush blueberry would be beneficial for producers. Foramsulfuron and nicosulfuron / rimsulfuron have potential to control this weed and should be examined further. All tank mixes with mesotrione did not decrease grass control, helping to broaden the control spectrum and decrease application costs for producers if they use a tank mix.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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