Government of New Brunswick

Registration Requirements

To receive any type of remuneration from New Brunswick Medicare a practitioner must first obtain a billing number.

A billing number consists of a five (5) digit number. A practitioner number and a payment number are the same. The billing number allows practitioners to bill New Brunswick Medicare for medically required services provided to patients. The practitioner number identifies the practitioner performing the service.

To obtain a billing number from New Brunswick Medicare, the practitioner must:

The types of remuneration include:

To find out about employment opportunities, practitioners are advised to contact the Regional Health Authority (Vice-President, Medical Services) responsible for the area they wish to work in.

The Regional Health Authority will:

  • Process the practitioner’s application (i.e. interviews, review of qualifications, etc);
  • Provide the practitioner with privileges if the Board of Directors of the Regional Health Authority approves the application;
  • Notify New Brunswick Medicare that it has a practitioner with privileges for a specific position.

Please note that the information provided here is not intended to cover all instances. A definitive answer with respect to the registration of a practitioner can only be given once a completed application along with supporting documents have been forwarded to the Practitioner Registrar.

The requirements of the Medical Services Payment Act or any other relevant legislation or policies take precedence when clarifying any issue which may arise.

The Medical Services Payment Act defines a medical practitioner as a person lawfully entitled to practice medicine in the place in which such practice is carried on by him/her.