Government of New Brunswick

Types of Remuneration


Fee-for-service payment is based on the number and types of services provided.


Salary is paid in accordance to the Medical Pay Plan (MPP). To find out about the Medical Pay Plan, practitioners are advised to contact the Regional Health Authority for the area in which they wish to work.


Services rendered by practitioners are paid for on an hourly basis for designated services.

Registration Package

To initiate any of these remuneration options, the following documents must be completed:

  • Medicare Practitioner Registration Form.
  • Practitioner’s Authorization Form (if applicable) – Some physicians delegate the authority to submit/transmit claims on their behalf to one or more members of their staff. This form need not be completed if the practitioner intends to submit/transmit all claims.
  • Direct Deposit (if applicable) – Fee-for-service payments are made directly into an account of the practitioner’s choice. The Direct Deposit Service application must be completed.
  • Two Medicare Claims Submission Agreements must be signed, witnessed, dated and returned to New Brunswick Medicare. Once the agreements are approved, one agreement will be maintained in the practitioner’s file at New Brunswick Medicare and the other will be mailed to the practitioner. The two agreements and the application form need to be completed and returned before claims can be transmitted to New Brunswick Medicare. As specified in section 1.2 of the Registration Procedures, "practitioners are responsible for forwarding a copy of the signed retention source document of their first batch of claims submitted for Medicare payment".