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This week in New Brunswick history, Feb. 8-15 (00/02/07)

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Feb. 7, 2000

FREDERICTON (CNB) - This week in New Brunswick history, the last civil and military impediments to Catholics were removed in 1830, the first normal school in the province was opened in Fredericton in 1848, and the Canadian flag was unveiled 35 years ago in 1965.

Feb. 8, 1631

Charles de La Tour became lieutenant-governor and Governor of Acadia.

Feb. 8, 1793

Governor Carleton formed the 104th Regiment in the province.

Feb. 9, 1742

Missionary Father Thomas Cooke was born.

Feb. 10, 1763

The Treaty of Paris was signed ending the Seven Years War and making Canada British.

Feb. 10, 1848

The first provincial normal school was opened in Fredericton.

Feb. 11, 1923

Winnifred Blair, Miss Saint John, became the first Miss Canada in Montreal.

Feb. 12, 1800

The College of New Brunswick was granted its charter.

Feb. 13, 1830

The Executive Council recommended to the Assembly that legislation be passed to remove all civil and military liabilities from Roman Catholics.

Feb. 14

Valentine's Day

Feb. 14, 1895

The Canada and New England Trust and Collecting Company was incorporated as a collection agency.

Feb. 15, 1854

King's College (UNB) offered the first engineering course in Canada.

Feb. 15, 1965

The Canadian maple leaf flag was adopted.

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