Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

Speech from the Throne

The Speech from the Throne opened the first session of the 57th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick today.

The Speech from the Throne details the actions that the provincial government will take to create jobs; promote economic growth; reduce the deficit; and improve the quality of education and healthcare in New Brunswick.

Promoting job creation and economic development, changing the culture of government, addressing the province’s fiscal crisis through responsible management of public finances, engaging New Brunswickers and enhancing education and healthcare are the major themes of the 2010-11 Speech from the Throne.

“Your government has come forward with a comprehensive plan to change the culture of government and to address the challenges facing our province through responsible fiscal management, citizen engagement and focused leadership.This plan details the actions that your government will take to put our province back on the road to prosperity while addressing New Brunswickers’ priorities, including jobs, education and healthcare.”

- Lt.-Gov. Graydon Nicholas

November 23, 2010
Throne Speech
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Throne Speech
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