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Government and agriculture coalition to have formal consultation (00/04/07)

NB 293

April 7, 2000

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following joint statement was issued today by the provincial government and the coalition of the agricultural industry associations of New Brunswick.

The coalition and the government agreed on several positive commitments:

- A formal consultation process regarding the needs and changes affecting the agriculture industry in New Brunswick has begun between the provincial government and the coalition. The government recognizes the coalition as the official consultation partner during this formal consultative process.

- This consultation will include direct farmer input through the coalition. The format for these consultations will be developed jointly and announced next week.

- This consultation process and resulting decisions will dovetail into the government`s budget process for fiscal year 2001-2002.

- During this process, the government will continue to provide all current agriculture programs, services, and expertise regionally and in Fredericton, including but not limited to specialist and technical positions, labs, the Bon Accord Elite Seed Potato Centre, Hoyt, and veterinary services. Current interest buy-down and subsidy programs will be revamped into loan and loan guarantee


- A request by the coalition to amend the name of the department to Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Production will be considered by the government in consultation with other stakeholders.

- The goal is to create a department that reflects the needs of farmers today, tomorrow, and the future leading to a more competitive agricultural sector, and is reflective of the broader public interest.


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