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New federal-provincial agreement for chicken (01/06/29)

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June 29, 2001

WHITEHORSE (CNB) - Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Paul Robichaud yesterday signed the 2001 Federal-Provincial Agreement for Chicken regulating the intraprovincial and export trade of chicken while at the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Annual Conference of Agriculture Ministers and Deputy Ministers in Whitehorse, Yukon.

The objectives of the new agreement are to optimize sustainable economic activity in the chicken sector, pursue opportunities in both domestic and international markets, enhance competitiveness and efficiency in the chicken industry and work in the balanced interest of producers, industry stakeholders and consumers.

It will allow the New Brunswick chicken industry to determine its own market requirements within an orderly marketing framework, while providing opportunity for future growth. It will also bring all Canadian provinces within a consistent national policy environment.

"This agreement provides increased flexibility for New Brunswick chicken producers in responding to market demands," Robichaud said. "It will ensure the New Brunswick chicken industry will continue to thrive as part of a stable national industry."

The new agreement, which in essence is a renewal of the previous agreement signed in 1978, allows New Brunswick producers to determine within established guidelines how much production is required to supply the market, whereas it was previously determined by the national body.

The agreement has the full support of the New Brunswick and Canadian chicken industries, and provides a framework for the industry to manage its own affairs at no direct cost to government.

The New Brunswick Farm Products Commission and the New Brunswick Chicken Marketing Board are delegated the authority and functions in order to fully implement and maintain the agreement in the province. They are parties to the agreement, as are the federal and provincial ministers responsible for agriculture, as well as the supervisory and commodity boards in all provinces.

"The Canadian chicken industry has grown by 60 per cent over the past 10 years, and I am confident that New Brunswick producers will continue to build on the success of the past to ensure a better future," Robichaud said.

The New Brunswick Chicken Marketing Board is one of eight commodity boards operating under the supervision of the New Brunswick Farms Products Commission.

New Brunswick farm cash receipts for chicken in 2000 were $40 million, with value-added activity bringing the total value to $80 million.


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