Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture

New Brunswick signs federal-provincial-territorial APF agreement (02/06/27)

NB 670

June 27, 2002

FREDERICTON (CNB) -- Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Rodney Weston said earlier today that he was very pleased to have signed the new, five-year Agriculture Policy Framework (APF).

"The APF is crucial for the future profitability and prosperity of Canada's and New Brunswick's agriculture sector," Weston said. "It will enable governments to move forward and begin making specific plans for programs that will provide farmers and the agri-food industry with the tools they need to be world leaders."

"The agreement commits the federal government to provide $3.4 billion in new funding to the Canadian agriculture sector," the minister said. " The APF is key to the future of farmers, the agri-food industry and Canadian consumers."

The Agriculture Policy Framework is composed of five elements: Food Safety and Quality; Environment; Science and Innovation; Renewal; and, Business Risk Management.

Over the last year, federal, provincial and territorial governments consulted with stakeholders and interested Canadians to develop the proposed policy approach.

"In New Brunswick, we consulted extensively with a stakeholders group composed of key agriculture commodity organizations as well as representatives from both agriculture federations," Weston said. "The group met on a number of occasions over the past year to provide input on the keys issues that needed to be addressed in the Agriculture Policy Framework."

"I wish to thank all the participants in the stakeholder committee and assure them industry consultation will not stop with the signing of the Agriculture Policy Framework," the minister said. "Producer input will continue to be sought over the next few months as we develop the APF implementation agreements with the federal government."


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