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Department enacts new Agricultural Operations Practices Act (03/01/10)

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January 10, 2003

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Agriculture, fisheries and Aquaculture minister Rodney Weston announced today that the new Agricultural Operation Practices Act will come into force on Jan. 15, 2003. The General Regulation under the Act has been approved and the members of the Farm Practices Review Board have been appointed, all effective Jan. 15.

The newly appointed members of the board have been recommended by New Brunswick farm organizations or non-farmers selected from the public at large. They are:

Rodney Weston, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Kim Jardine, Minister of Environment and Local Government(Large photo) Video - Quicktime (1) Windows Media (1) Audio - Quicktime (1) (2) - (more audio/video)

"This new act provides a process for the resolution of nuisance complaints related to disturbances from agricultural operations," Weston said.

It establishes the Farm Practices Review Board, a quick, low cost mechanism for the resolution of agricultural nuisance disputes. "It provides an incentive to farmers to improve agricultural practices where needed," the minister said. "Nuisance would include complaints related to odour, noise, dust, vibration, light, smoke or other disturbances originating from an agricultural operation It has the potential to save rural residents from long and costly court proceedings, and to restore harmony among neighbours."

This legislation does not take away any public right of recourse to the courts. Farmers must continue to comply with all federal and provincial acts and regulations regarding the environment, land use or any other activity.

"New Brunswick farmers are well aware of the importance to protect the environment for their neighbours and themselves," Environment and Local Government Minister Kim Jardine said. "This act has the potential to resolve environmental complaints without the need for legal action."

"Proclamation of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act, reconfirms our government commitment to enable farmers who follow environmentally acceptable practices to conduct their business without the threat of nuisance actions," Weston said.


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