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Department is national finalist for prestigious IT award (06/11/06)

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Nov. 6, 2006

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The Veterinary and Information Technology branches of the Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture were in the spotlight recently in Toronto where they were finalists for an award at the 2006 Canadian Information Productivity Awards (CIPA).


The department was nominated in the 'Exceptional Innovation' category because of the development of a new veterinary records and billing system called '.Vet'. The system allows for the secure collection and manipulation of client, animal, disease, and treatment data in a stand-alone, networked, or wireless computing environment. It replaces paper-based records and enhances the ability of food producers and staff veterinarians to track herd and individual animal health records prior to meat and milk production.

Agriculture and Aquaculture Minister Ronald Ouellette said the nomination is a testament to the dedication of staff in the department.

"The development of this innovative system is a major departmental achievement that was made possible by the hard work and collaboration between the Veterinary and Information Technology branches," Ouellette said. "To be nominated for this prestigious award is a wonderful way to recognize the commitment of these branches to providing outstanding service to our clients."

The CIPA is the premier information technology and innovation awards program in Canada. It recognizes organizations that have applied information technology innovation to improve productivity and efficiency throughout the organization. Finalists for the annual awards were selected from more than 200 entries submitted by public and private organizations throughout Canada.

The department was also nominated for a Knowledge Industry Recognition Achievement (KIRA) award for the .Vet system earlier this year. The KIRA event is an annual celebration recognizing the successes and innovations of individuals and companies within New Brunswick's knowledge industry.

At the CIPA Awards, the Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture joined more than 70 nominees including one other nominee from New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Policing Information Management/Information Technology Sharing Program.


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