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Ambassador program reaches 100 members (07/10/19)

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Oct. 19, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Within a week of launching the New Brunswick Ambassador Program, the province now has 100 ambassadors signed up.

"I'm thrilled at the success of this program mere days after we launched it," Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne said. "Clearly, New Brunswickers and other Canadians are as eager as I am to show off our province to the rest of the world."

The program is designed to bring together people with New Brunswick ties to help sell the province to the world. Byrne unveiled the New Brunswick Ambassador Program on Monday, Oct. 15 at the start of Small Business Week.

Lorne Abony, CEO of Toronto-based Fun Technologies Inc., is the province's 100th ambassador.

At age 38, Abony is head of a company specializing in developing and distributing online skill and sports games. He founded it in 2002 with partner Andrew Rivkin and built up the company from a $1.8-million start-up fund to a company valued at nearly $500 million and a world leader in its field. The company has branches in seven cities in Canada and the United States and 300 employees.

His wife Wendy Abony is a native New Brunswicker. They are building a house in Charlotte County, and can attest to the advantages of living in the province.

"With his high-profile, respect and connections in the technology and business world, Lorne Abony is the perfect salesman for the province," Byrne said.

The ambassador team is made up mainly of New Brunswick business executives who travel, business people with an affinity for the province located elsewhere, alumni and expatriates living and working outside the province, business executives operating New Brunswick branch plants, and key civil servants and New Brunswick politicians.

Other ambassadors include: Gerry Pond, David Ganong, Frank McKenna, Margaret Norrie McCain, Helena Cain, Larry Armstrong, Aldea Landry, Don Dennison, Dr. John McLaughlin, and Dr. Michael Higgins.

For more information about the New Brunswick Ambassador Program, call 1-800-665-1800 or e-mail


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