High schools receive atlases (05/02/14)

NB 178

Feb. 14, 2005

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The New Brunswick Branch of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG) is donating a copy of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society's 75th Anniversary Atlas to every high school in New Brunswick, Education Minister Madeleine Dubé said today.

From left: Mark Doucette, Canadian Institute of Geomatics, New Brunswick Branch; Education Minister Madeleine Dubé; Stephen Hartley, Canadian Institute of Geomatics, New Brunswick Branch. (Large photo)

The Canadian Atlas: Our Nation, Environment and People is a 192-page, large-format book that is the first comprehensive all-Canadian atlas to be issued since the mid-1990s. It depicts every corner of Canada, with 42 detailed maps and a 33,000 place-name index.

"This is a generous contribution of educational materials," Dubé said. "Through this donation and partnership with the Canadian Institute of Geomatics, we are pleased that this extensive atlas will be made available to high school students throughout the province."

The atlas is built around an 'Earth-first ethos'. It is driven by the assumption that planetary health is of overarching value. The atlas includes a 38-page thematic section on the Canadian environment and the ways in which people inhabit the nation. The country's six major ecozones are illustrated with maps, photographs, satellite images, text, charts and tables. Vignettes on each thematic spread highlight current issues as well as relevant success stories. One such example is how the Fundy Model Forest in southern New Brunswick has achieved a balance between economic activities, such as logging and preservation of the forest ecosystem.

"One of the objectives of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics is to enhance public awareness of the role that geomatics plays in our daily lives," said Mark Doucette, chair of the CIG's New Brunswick branch. "This donation to high school libraries, which amounts to over $5,000, will promote geomatics to the students and raise awareness of maps and atlases and the vast information they contain."

The Canadian Institute of Geomatics is a non-profit scientific and technical association which is devoted to advancing the development of geomatics in Canada. Geomatics encompasses the scientific, managerial and technical processes of the fields of surveying, mapping, remote sensing and geographic information systems.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Jason Humphrey or Hugues Beaulieu, communications, Education, 506-444-4714; Mark Doucette, Canadian Institute of Geomatics, New Brunswick Branch, 506-454-9189.