Names announced for new schools in Moncton and Edmundston (05/03/14)

NB 289

March 14, 2005

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Education Minister Madeleine Dubé today announced the names of the two schools in Moncton's new school complex and Edmundston's new elementary school.

The elementary school in the Moncton school complex will be called Le Mascaret, while the high school will be named L'Odyssée. Edmundston's new school will be known as Carrefour de la Jeunesse. Dubé also announced that the library at this new elementary school will bear the name of Mgr. Eymard Desjardins.

The names were chosen from proposals submitted by the education councils in districts 1 and 3. Each council solicited suggestions and then narrowed the list down to three proposals for each school.

"The education councils presented some very good proposals to me, and making the decision wasn't easy," Dubé said. "However, I believe the names chosen are very suitable for the new schools."

The minister said that the library at Carrefour de la Jeunesse will bear the name of Mgr. Eymard Desjardin in response to a broadly-based desire to honour the work and commitment of this man. "Mgr. Desjardins contributed enormously to the social development of our region," she said. "This is our way of paying tribute to him."

The new schools will welcome their first students when the next school year begins in September 2005.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The minister will be available for interviews on this matter today, Monday, March 14. MEDIA CONTACTS: Hugues Beaulieu or Jason Humphrey, Education, 506-444-4714.