Province takes action in literacy, numeracy and science for francophone students (08/04/29)

NB 571

April 29, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Steps to improve school outcomes of francophone students in literacy, numeracy, and science were announced today by Education Minister Kelly Lamrock.


"In light of New Brunswick's repeated low academic scores on international and national assessments, we must act urgently and at as early an age as possible," Lamrock said. "One of the priorities of our government's education plan, When Kids Come First, is to place the emphasis on school readiness, which will guarantee success in school and in life."

Among the actions that will be taken to strengthen the literacy, numeracy and science skills of students are:

"If we want to build the best education system in the country, our province must intervene as soon as children register for school in order to give every child an equal opportunity to master the necessary literacy, math, and science concepts by the end of Grade 5," Lamrock said.

To follow up on these early evaluations and to provide follow-up for children in their basic learning, other provincial evaluations will be added. These include evaluations in math in Grade 3, literacy in Grade 4, French language arts in Grade 5, and natural science in Grade 8. These are in addition to existing evaluations in literacy in Grade 2, French language arts in grades 8 and 11, math in grades 5, 8, and 11, and science in Grade 5.

"In an effort to improve the academic outcomes of students we will ask the districts to develop and set targets to be achieved for each provincial evaluation," Lamrock said. "Districts will be responsible for implementing support strategies that will enable the schools having trouble meeting the targets to improve their outcomes in literacy, numeracy, and science."

To make learning and teaching literacy, numeracy and science more dynamic and specific to the minority environment, teachers will be provided with training and new instructional tools. These include:

In July 2007, the Government of New Brunswick announced its education plan, When Kids Come First. This plan sets out a number of goals to ensure that New Brunswick's children are the focus of the education system, and that New Brunswick can succeed and reach self-sufficiency by building the best education system in the country.


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