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Transport Canada considering testing New Brunswick's use of winter tires on multi-function activity buses (10/01/15)

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Jan. 15, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government is encouraged that Transport Canada is willing to examine the option of physical testing on multi-function activity buses (MFABs) to identify the safest configuration of tires for winter highway driving, Education Minister Roland Haché said today.

"I am pleased that Transport Canada has agreed to consider testing MFABs," said Haché. "Transport Canada has asked if we could provide an MFAB, and we have agreed to do so."

Transportation Minister Denis Landry welcomed this development.

"The Department of Transportation has been sharing information with Transport Canada about the use of these vehicles and their tire composition, given the highways, speed limits and weather conditions in which they travel," said Landry. "I thank Transport Canada officials for their co-operation because the safety of students during extra-curricular travel is of the utmost importance to us all."

The provincial government uses a combination of winter tires on the back and ribbed in the front on its rear-wheel MFABs, which are used to transport students for extracurricular activities around the province. The tire combination is based on expert advice from an independent consultant as well as confirmation from two leading tire companies.


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