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Council of the Federation plants trees to offset conference greenhouse gas emissions (07/08/09)

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Aug. 9, 2007

MONCTON (CNB) -- Canada's provincial and territorial premiers today participated in a tree-planting ceremony in Caseley Park in Riverview to mark the first of about 900 trees being planted across the province to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of the 2007 Council of the Federation (COF) meeting, taking place this week in Moncton.


"This planting marks one of many steps undertaken by the conference's organizing committee to minimize the environmental impact of this meeting," said Premier Shawn Graham, chair of the COF. "To ensure this, environmental consideration was taken into account at every step of the planning stage and throughout the conference."

Over the next few months, the provincial government will plant trees that are native to New Brunswick to offset any emissions that cannot be avoided, such as transportation, energy used, and waste produced. About 900 trees are expected to be planted when the meeting and calculations are finalized. Funding will come from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, and environmental groups will be called upon to apply for funding to plant the amount of trees needed to offset the emissions.

Other greening actions undertaken include:

"Any greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided will be offset by planting trees to make it a carbon-neutral event," Graham said. "We hope this will be a positive model to help minimize the environmental footprint of Council of the Federation meetings in the future."


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