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Deputy minister appointments, promotions, new assignments (03/09/19)

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Sept. 19, 2003

FREDERICTON (CNB) -- The appointment of six new deputy ministers and 10 changes of deputy minister assignments were announced today by Premier Bernard Lord.

"These appointments represent a significant change in the senior public service including the appointment of three new women and a deputy minister of Aboriginal Affairs," Lord said. "I am confident that this team of deputy heads is the right mix of experience and talent to enable our government to move forward with our new mandate."

The six new appointments include:

Louise Lemon is appointed deputy minister of the Department of Public Safety. The appointment is effective Oct. 1, 2003.

Rachel Bard is appointed deputy minister of the Department of Training and Employment Development. The appointment is effective Oct. 1, 2003.

Jim McKay is appointed deputy minister of the Department of Intergovernmental and International Relations. The appointment is effective Oct. 1, 2003.

Patrick Francis is appointed deputy minister of aboriginal affairs. Francis is on a two-year leave of absence from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The appointment is effective Nov. 1, 2003.

Yassin Choukri is appointed deputy minister of the Department of Justice and Deputy Attorney General. The appointment is effective Jan. 1, 2004.

Jolène LeBlanc is appointed Deputy Clerk and Secretary to Policy and Priorities. The appointment is effective Oct. 1, 2003.


MEDIA CONTACT: Chisholm Pothier, Office of the Premier, 506-444-2286.

Following is the complete list of deputy ministers and deputy heads:

Rodney Weston Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier
Kevin Malone Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet
Jolène LeBlanc Secretary to Policy and Priorities and Deputy Clerk
Yassin Choukri Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Justice
Louise Lemon Deputy Minister of Public Safety
John Mallory Deputy Minister of Finance
Stephenson Wheatley Deputy Minister of Supply and Services
David Johnstone Deputy Minister of Transportation
David Ferguson Deputy Minister of Natural Resources
Byron James Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture
Nora Kelly Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness
Don Ferguson Deputy Minister of Family and Community Services
Rachel Bard Deputy Minister of Training and Employment Development
Roger Doucet Deputy Minister of Education (French)
John Kershaw Deputy Minister of Education (English)
Hermel Vienneau Deputy Minister of Environment and Local Government
Maurice Bernier Deputy Minister of Business New Brunswick
Brian Alexander Deputy Minister of Tourism and Parks
Jim McKay Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental and International Affairs
Bill Thompson Deputy Minister of Energy
Laura Freeman Deputy Minister of Human Resources
David McLaughlin Deputy Minister, Commission on Legislative Democracy
Patrick Francis Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
Barbara Winsor President, NB Liquor Corporation
Jacques Dubé President, Service New Brunswick, eNB, Innovation Foundation
Bernard Paulin President, Regional Development Corporation