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Disability supplement for disabled (00/10/04)

NB 808

Oct. 4, 2000

FREDERICTON (CNB) -- Social assistance clients who are certified disabled will receive additional funding in their social assistance cheques this month, Premier Bernard Lord and Family and Community Services Minister Percy Mockler announced today.

"We said we would help those who need our help the most - and we are following through on that promise," Lord said. "We are increasing our financial support to our certified deaf, blind and disabled clients."

Almost 4,000 New Brunswickers are currently eligible for the new Disability Supplement, which will give certified disabled clients of the Department an additional $1,000 per year, to be phased in over the next four years. Clients will receive an extra $250 in October. This amount will increase by $250 a year until reaching $1,000 per year in October 2003. Once it is fully implemented, this new benefit will mean a $5 million increase in supplements for disabled New Brunswickers who receive social assistance.

"This new supplement clearly demonstrates that we have listened to the people of New Brunswick, and that we are acting on their priorities," Mockler said. "New Brunswickers have told us they want us to be frugal with their money - but to help the most vulnerable of our society and to spend when necessary on the essentials of life."

The supplement represents a budget base increase of $1,027,000 in the current fiscal year, and an estimated cumulative increase over four years of $5,323,000 in the budget base.


MEDIA CONTACT: Mary McIntosh, communications, Family and Community Services, 506-444-3684.