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Launch of new affordable housing in Grand Bay-Westfield (06/12/18)

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Dec. 18, 2006

GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD (CNB) - The construction of a new housing project by the River Valley Lions Club will give seniors in Grand Bay-Westfield access to more affordable housing.

Mary Schryer, minister of state for housing, and Greg Thompson, minister of veterans affairs and regional minister for New Brunswick, launched the project today.


"The non-profit sector plays an important role in our efforts to develop more affordable housing units in our province," Schryer said. "The government of New Brunswick is pleased to work with its partners to enhance affordable housing programs in both urban and rural areas."

"Seniors in Grand Bay-Westfield now have more access to quality, affordable housing that will allow them to continue to live in their communities with dignity and independence," Thompson said. "The government of Canada is proud to support projects such as this. We are also helping seniors and pensioners through a proposed tax fairness plan that will allow income splitting and deliver more than a billion dollars in tax relief annually."

Thompson attended on behalf of Diane Finley, minister of human resources and social development.

The project received $450,000 under Phase I of the Canada-New Brunswick Affordable Housing Agreement, and involves a total of seven affordable housing units, six of which receive rent supplements from the province.

The Canada-New Brunswick Affordable Housing Agreement will invest over $45 million in the creation of affordable housing units in New Brunswick.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A backgrounder on the Canada-New Brunswick Affordable Housing Agreement is attached. MEDIA CONTACTS: Robert Duguay, communications, Family and Community Services, 506-444-3684; Emely Poitras-Benedict, marketing and communications consultant, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., 902-426-8127.


Canada - New Brunswick Affordable Housing Agreement

Phase I




Financial provisions:

Phase II

Phase II of the agreement increases the total investment under the Canada - New Brunswick Affordable Housing Agreement by $7.57 million in funding. The Government of New Brunswick will contribute at least 50 per cent of the matching funding; up to 10 per cent may come from municipalities and other third parties.

Under Phase II, funding will be: