Province to help fund marine by-product research (08/07/18)

NB 1064

July 18, 2008

SHIPPAGAN (CNB) - The New Brunswick government is contributing more than $100,000 to assist in cutting-edge research involving the potential uses of a seafood by-product. Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet made the announcement today in Shippagan.


"In the Fisheries Renewal Framework, which I released in June, we challenged stakeholders in the fishery to be innovative when it comes to using waste products from our seafood production," Doucet said.

The project is a partnership between the Coastal Zones Research Institute and l'Association coopérative des Pêcheurs de l'Île Ltée.

Researchers will try to determine the best location and the best time of the season to harvest shrimp to achieve the greatest production of shrimp oil. Shrimp oil can be used in the production of food and health products.

"This project compliments our department's vision of New Brunswick fisheries that will be sustainable, economically viable and self-sufficient" said Doucet.

Funding is being made available under the Acadian Peninsula Economic Development Fund, managed by the Regional Development Corporation.


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