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Campobello Island votes to form a rural community (10/05/11)

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May 11, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Voters in the Campobello Island local service district voted Monday, May 10, to form a rural community. Local Government Minister Chris Collins made the announcement today.

According to Elections New Brunswick, the unofficial result is 275 (yes) to 167 (no), with a voter turnout of 72 per cent. Campobello Island has 614 eligible voters.

"The residents of Campobello Island have spoken in wanting to be incorporated as a rural community, and I congratulate them for taking part in this important democratic exercise," said Collins. "I will bring this decision to cabinet for our government to approve the proposal."

Once the provincial government has approved the proposal, the Department of Local Government will plan the incorporation date and co-ordinate byelections that will see a mayor, a councillor-at-large and three councillors elected on a ward basis.

"I believe that the residents of Campobello Island made the right decision," said Collins. "We need strong and viable communities to play a key role in our province to achieve our self-sufficiency goals. I also commend the work done by departmental staff and the Campobello local governance committee in giving the people of Campobello the ability to choose options."

The model of a rural community provides increased decision-making at the local level. Initially, the rural community is responsible for land-use planning, emergency measures and administration. It is expected that the rural community will adopt a rural plan and emergency measures plan within two years of incorporation.

"The provincial government will continue to administer all other local services now provided on Campobello Island, including police and fire protection, solid waste collection and disposal, recreation and community services, road maintenance, and animal control, unless the rural community decides through the adoption of a bylaw to become responsible for these additional services," said Collins.


MEDIA CONTACT: Mark Barbour, communications, Department of Local Government, 506-444-4693.