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Throne speech highlights / Fourth Session of 54th Legislative Assembly (01/11/20)

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Nov. 20, 2001

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A financial and economic update, a 10-year prosperity plan, new Regional Health Authorities, an expanded health care role for nurses, a new educational accountability framework, a special adoption project for children, and seven new environmental initiatives topped the list of initiatives from this year's Speech from the Throne, which officially opened the Fourth Session of the 54th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

Entitled "Securing Our Future", the speech sets out over 30 initiatives and actions to help secure New Brunswickers' future in key areas of public safety, finances and the economy, health care, education, families, the environment, energy and within Canada itself.

"The initiatives set out in this year's Speech from the Throne are designed to 'Secure Our Future' as a province," Trenholme Counsell said.

"This year's speech from the throne is set against a rapidly changing national and international economic backdrop. We are all living in a time of increased uncertainty and insecurity. Nevertheless, New Brunswickers wish to signal their determination to forge ahead and secure their future."

Lt-Gouv. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell,
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Following are highlights of the speech:

Order of New Brunswick

Recognizing Sept. 11

Securing Public Safety

Securing our Financial and Economic Future

Securing Health Care

Securing Educational Opportunities

Securing our Families' Future

Securing our Environment

Securing our Energy Future

Securing New Brunswick's Place within Canada

Additional Initiatives


EDITOR'S NOTE -- The complete text of the speech from the throne is available online at: http://www.gnb.ca/legis/busi/54/throne01-e.htm . Copies are also available by contacting Communications New Brunswick, Editorial and Web Services at 506-453-2240; fax, 506-453-5329; e-mail: wwwcnb@gnb.ca. MEDIA CONTACTS: Amanda Harpelle or Étienne Allard, communications, Office of the Premier, 506-453-2144.