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Throne speech highlights / Third session of 56th Legislative Assembly (08/11/25)

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Nov. 25, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Keeping commitments, carefully managing through the current economic downturn, and a renewed focus on and commitment to achieving self-sufficiency were the primary themes of today's speech from the throne that opened the third session of the 56th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.


"This combination of reduced revenue growth and increased spending clearly represents a serious challenge for your government," said Lt.-Gov. Herménégilde Chiasson. "This reality will, more than ever, require that your government remains focused on the most important priorities for all New Brunswickers. There is no question that difficult decisions will be required going forward to keep expenditures under control and to focus on results that support government's self-sufficiency agenda."

The speech laid out a number of significant achievements during the government's first two years in office, as well as a new course for the coming year, with major programs and initiatives in economic development, energy and education.

Among the achievements:

"To ensure that even in tough economic times we are able to move forward on our self-sufficiency agenda, your government continues to focus on the three priority areas that are the foundation of the self-sufficiency agenda: economic development, energy and education," Chiasson said.

In addition to introducing a capital budget that includes numerous important infrastructure investments, a thorough fiscal and economic update will be tabled to provide New Brunswickers with a greater appreciation of the impacts of the economic downturn on the province.

"While not underestimating the impacts of the economic downturn here at home, or the uncertainty that this downturn has caused, your government assures New Brunswickers that the foundation beneath our fiscal and economic house is strong," Chiasson said.

Among the highlights of the throne speech:

"Never before has the case been so compelling for increasing New Brunswick's self-reliance, for increasing our ability to be in control of our own destiny," Chiasson said. "While global economic conditions mean the path has grown more rugged, the journey towards self-sufficiency continues. By working with the business community, academia, community groups, municipal governments and the federal government; by working with New Brunswickers, we will build a better, more self-sufficient New Brunswick."


EDITOR'S NOTE: The complete text of the speech from the throne and highlights are available online. MEDIA CONTACT: Marie-Andrée Bolduc, Office of the Premier, 506-444-2286.