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Over 13,000 more New Brunswickers working than last September (07/10/05)

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Oct. 5, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) - There were 13,400 more New Brunswickers working compared to last September, and the labour force also saw significant growth with 12,200 more participants from the same time last year.

Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Ed Doherty reported today on provincial highlights of the Statistics Canada monthly labour force survey for September.

"As our first year in government comes to a close, I am pleased to see that we are experiencing this extraordinary growth in both our labour force and the numbers of employed in our province," Doherty said. "Our government committed to a long-term plan to build a skilled workforce by growing our population and by providing the training opportunities necessary for our people to be successful and these early indications are encouraging."

Figures released by Statistics Canada show that there were 363,100 New Brunswickers employed in September, up by 13,400 from the same time last year. In addition, the labour force in the province, which measures those working or actively seeking work, also grew significantly to stand at 395,700 last month, which was up by 12,200 from the same time last year. The monthly unemployment rate stood at 8.2 per cent last month, which was down significantly from last September when it was 8.8 per cent but was up from August when it hit 7.7 per cent.

"Today in this province thousands more people are either working or actively looking for employment and this bodes well for our future," the minister said. "Our government will continue to build upon our skilled labour force, and strengthen our efforts to diversify our economy in order to move our province further down the road to self-sufficiency by 2026."

Employment growth in September was strongest in these three areas on a year-over-year basis: the utilities sector; the information, culture and recreation sector; and the construction sector.


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