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Government celebrates diversity during Black History Month (07/02/01)

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Feb. 1, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) - February is Black History Month throughout North America, and the Province is encouraging all New Brunswickers to celebrate its cultural diversity.

The Government of New Brunswick has identified immigration as vital in creating future prosperity, and bringing New Brunswick to self-sufficiency.

"We are proud to support the events that will take place throughout the province to mark Black History Month, and I urge all New Brunswickers to join us in celebrating diversity," said Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne, Minister responsible for Immigration and Repatriation. "Just as black New Brunswickers have helped to build the New Brunswick of today, so will current and future immigrants help to build the New Brunswick of the 21st century."

Provincial celebrations were launched today at an event organized by the Intercultural Heritage Association of Moncton and hosted by the New Brunswick African Association.

"Black History Month is a time for us to pay tribute to the legacy of black Canadians and commemorate the rich contribution black Canadians have made to the cultural mosaic of our province and our great country," said Rick Miles (MLA-Fredericton-Silverwood), who attended on Byrne's behalf.

The celebrations taking place in New Brunswick, which are part of broader Black History Month celebrations taking place nationwide, will include exhibits, educational sessions, film viewings, presentations, talent shows and discussion panels. The events are being organized by a variety of groups including: the New Brunswick African Association, the Intercultural Heritage Association of Moncton, PRUDE (Pride, Race, Unity and Dignity through Education) in Saint John, the African Heritage Association of Fredericton, the Black History Association of Mount Allison University, the Multicultural Association of Fredericton and the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.

A detailed list of events taking place for black history month can be found on the Intercultural Heritage Association website at


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