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Changes to daylight saving time in New Brunswick in 2007 (05/12/23)

NB 1737

Dec. 23, 2005

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government will bring forward proposed amendments to the Time Definition Act in the new year to harmonize daylight saving time in New Brunswick with recent proposed changes in the United States and other Canadian provinces.

The adjustment will take effect in the spring of 2007, and will mean New Brunswickers will move their clocks ahead one hour on the second Sunday in March, and roll them back the first Sunday in November. This will add three weeks in the spring and one week in the fall to daylight saving time.

"These changes will bring our province in line with changes made to daylight saving time by the United States, and which have been proposed by a number of other provinces," Premier Bernard Lord said. "They will ensure that our manufacturing, industrial, transportation and communications links will remain synchronized with our neighbours and trading partners to the south and west."

In a statement, Lord spoke of the importance of ensuring that New Brunswick is synchronized with the rest of North America.

"We live in an integrated, global economy, and it is essential for our province to live and work on the same schedule as those we do business with," Lord said. "Maintaining this integration is an important factor in our efforts to ensure New Brunswick has a strong and attractive business climate, a hallmark of creating a competitive fiscal and business environment through our Prosperity Plan, Greater Opportunity."

In addition to making the adjustment to daylight saving time, the government has decided not to adopt the eastern time zone.

"I asked New Brunswickers whether they felt it would be appropriate to adopt the eastern time zone in order to bring our economy in direct line with our major markets on the U.S. East Coast and Central Canada," Lord said. "We found that our province, our economy and our residents are best served by remaining within the Atlantic time zone and adjusting daylight saving time to match the U.S. and other provinces beginning in March 2007."


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