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Release of Our Action Plan to be Self-Sufficient in New Brunswick (07/11/23)

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Nov. 23, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) -- Premier Shawn Graham today released Our Action Plan To Be Self-Sufficient in New Brunswick, the government's plan to move New Brunswick toward self-sufficiency.

"This is our blueprint for achieving self-sufficiency," Graham said. "I am very proud of the innovative and resourceful ideas that are expressed in our action plan."


The plan is focused on bringing about transformative change through strategic initiatives in four key areas: our economy, our workforce, our relationships, and our government.

"We have a focused, tangible plan to bring self-sufficiency to our province," Graham said. "We have looked at every facet of our province, from our economy and workforce to our relationships with all levels of government, business, labour, and the non-profit sector.

"Today we are planting the seeds to be self-sufficient in New Brunswick. It is a goal we must all work toward, and it must be a truly collaborative effort," the premier said. "Parents, businesses, entrepreneurs, public servants, workers, and all New Brunswickers have a stake in this process. By working together, I am confident we will build a better New Brunswick."

The premier expressed thanks to the co-chairs of the Self-Sufficiency Task Force, Gilles Lepage and Francis McGuire, who earlier this year engaged New Brunswickers in a discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing the province. Graham said those discussions and the task force's final report provided a valuable source of ideas and recommendations for the government's action plan.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The action plan and summary document can be found online at: Highlights from the report follow. MEDIA CONTACT: Marie-Andrée Bolduc, Office of the Premier, 506-444-2286.

HighlightsTo Transform Our Economy we will:

  • Work diligently with our resource-based sectors to enhance competitiveness through productivity improvements and greater diversification.
  • Target new markets and use new approaches to promote our tourism and cultural sectors, engage consumers, excel in customer service and enhance the visitor experience.
  • Create a competitive business environment that will encourage entrepreneurial activity, investment, innovation and growth while managing our economic, social and environmental resources for sustainability.
  • Invest in strategic infrastructure that will drive transformational economic development.
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for approaching existing national and multinational firms to expand and to recruit new firms to locate in New Brunswick.
  • Establish New Brunswick as the region's energy hub, a leader in energy efficiency and a world-class producer of goods and services for the global energy sector.
  • Focus on a number of technology clusters and priority core technologies for support through the development of partnerships and strategic alliances, education, training and recruitment of highly qualified personnel, and investment by outside sources.

To Transform Our Workforce we will:

  • Make the strategic investments required to ensure that every child arrives at kindergarten ready to learn.
  • Ensure that each and every child leaves Grade 5 having mastered the tools to learn - reading, writing and numeracy, and that they graduate from high school having had the opportunity to discover their personal strengths and to find something they love doing.
  • Create a post-secondary education system that is student-focused, highly integrated and capable of preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning in our workplaces and communities.
  • Work aggressively with our partners to create opportunities for all New Brunswickers to participate in our economy.
  • Increase our population to 850,000 through a comprehensive plan to retain and repatriate New Brunswickers and recruit immigrants to our province.

To Transform Our Relationships we will:

  • Ensure that public engagement is meaningful, effective, collaborative and sustainable so that citizens can be active participants in governance.
  • Move forward with the historic Mi'kmaq, Maliseet, and New Brunswick Relationship Building Bilateral Agreement to address effective governance, social justice and economic sustainability for our First Nations communities.
  • Bring a new spirit of collaboration to our relationship with business and labour to remove barriers to productivity and trade and promote economic growth.
  • Strengthen the non-profit sector and promote the respect and recognition the sector deserves.
  • Build co-ordinated, active and mutually beneficial partnerships with the Government of Canada and provincial/territorial, state and international governments that are focused upon achieving self-sufficiency.

To Transform Our Government we will:

  • Focus on more effective and efficient means of managing and delivering health care.
  • Dedicate the resources required to drive a cultural shift toward wellness and healthy living and to empower patients to better manage their own care.
  • Put citizens and businesses first in the delivery of public services.
  • Revitalize our public service by investing in our employees and creating more opportunities for career development.
  • Work to make local government more efficient, effective and representative so that all New Brunswick communities are better able to contribute and benefit from the self-sufficiency agenda.