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REVISED/Province of New Brunswick introduces updated brand (08/01/31)

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Jan. 31, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) -- The New Brunswick government introduced its updated brand for the province today.

"Our brand is first and foremost about people," Premier Shawn Graham said. "Throughout the brand's development, that's something New Brunswickers told us was important to them."


Graham said the updated brand will be a new way of seeing New Brunswick that establishes a clear, compelling image of the province and its people.

"This brand for our province, our government and its residents lets us tell a powerful story about what it means to live and work in New Brunswick," Graham said. "It is this story that will enable us to attract new opportunities and growth. That's why an updated brand was the first recommendation made by the Self-Sufficiency Task Force in its final report. Today, we're delivering on that recommendation."

Developed after considerable research and consultation throughout New Brunswick and in key external markets, the proposition of the brand is "In New Brunswick you can be yourself, you can belong and you can be better."

"This brand reflects the unique way of life, cultural diversity, opportunities for success and potential for happiness enjoyed by New Brunswickers," Graham said. "Here in New Brunswick, you can be better, you can be happier, you can be challenged and you can be fulfilled."

Greg Byrne, Minister responsible for Communications New Brunswick, said the key element of the brand development process was the consultations held with New Brunswickers in every part of the province.

"Our consultations clearly found that people who choose to live in New Brunswick have an extraordinary sense of belonging. They are passionate advocates for the province and what it represents," Byrne said. "They consistently said that our province is a special place to be. We need to recognize and celebrate this fact and that's what this brand does."

Byrne added that the brand is about more than government: it is a reflection of the values, hopes and ambitions of New Brunswickers. While the brand will be most visible in communications and marketing from the provincial government, it is intended to be used inside and outside of government as a consistent verbal and visual presentation of the province.

The brand includes new guidelines for all Government of New Brunswick communications as well as a more modern version of the provincial wordmark, which includes the bilingual tagline: Be…in this place •Être...ici on le peut. This tagline captures the potential for people to live successful lives in New Brunswick in whatever way they choose to define success.

The brand will be featured in government communications beginning today.

Byrne added that the New Brunswick brand is meant to convey a positive, optimistic tone with a clear sense of energy and excitement about the province and what it can be for newcomers and residents alike. The brand will be used in three interconnected ways:

Messages and Positioning - communications and marketing materials will reflect the messages and positioning that are part of the brand.

Look and Feel - communications and marketing materials will follow the design standards set out for the brand and will use a similar look and feel with consistent typeface, colours and use of photography and graphic elements. Each government publication, website or other product will be immediately recognizable as part of a common family.

Wordmark and Tagline - communications and marketing materials will use the new wordmark and tagline or approved variations, where appropriate.

Development work for the updated brand was led by Communications New Brunswick, working with various New Brunswick consultants, including Stuart Baker of The Branding Merchants of Saint John and independent communications consultant René Cormier of Caraquet.

"The fact that all work on this brand was done exclusively by New Brunswickers should be a source of great pride for everyone in our great province," Byrne said. "It demonstrates once again the kind of talent and resources we have in New Brunswick."

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