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Province proclaims Active Living Week for Seniors in New Brunswick (09/10/19)

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Oct. 19, 2009



FREDERICTON (CNB) - The Government of New Brunswick has proclaimed the third week of October as Active Living Week for Seniors in New Brunswick. Premier Shawn Graham and Minister of State for Seniors Brian Kenny made the announcement today.

"In 20 years, the senior population in New Brunswick is expected to double, and the demographics of our province will change," said Graham. "Now is the time to promote wellness and active living. It is fundamental to enjoying good health and longevity. It is our government's vision for seniors in New Brunswick, and it forms a cornerstone of our long-term care strategy, Be Independent Longer. I invite all New Brunswickers to join the Government of New Brunswick in making healthy aging a priority in our province."

Of the 113,600 seniors in New Brunswick, about 85 per cent are living independently without receiving support services from the provincial government. Many are involved in seniors' clubs, volunteer and community work. About four per cent are still employed after the age of 65.

"Seniors who practice wellness and active living enjoy an improved quality of life," said Graham. "They are helping to build a stronger population, a sustainable long-term care system, and a more self-sufficient province."

As part of Active Living Week for Seniors in New Brunswick, the Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat will be distributing new information sheets on healthy aging, covering such topics as mental, physical and dental health, sleeping, vision care, and nutrition. This information will be available at regional offices of the Department of Social Development, and through the Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat at 506-457-6811 or by e-mail, at

Kenny will also be visiting seniors' groups to participate in activities that promote active living.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Marie-Andreé Bolduc, communications, Office of the Premier, 506-444-2286; Judy Cole, communications, Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat, 506-444-3522.