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New Dalhousie nursing home to be part of major plan for long-term care (09/11/09)

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Nov. 9, 2009



DALHOUSIE (CNB) - The province is preparing to announce a major plan for nursing home infrastructure that will include a new, $31.5-million nursing home for the Town of Dalhousie. Minister of State for Seniors Brian Kenny made the announcement today.

"Strategic investments will be made to renew and revitalize the province's nursing home infrastructure," said Kenny. "The Town of Dalhousie is one of many communities to benefit from our new capital renewal and replacement plan for nursing homes around New Brunswick."

Construction of the 105-bed facility is expected to begin in the spring of 2010, with completion scheduled for July 2013. It is estimated that the project will create about 283 construction jobs.

All nursing home projects included in the capital renewal and replacement plan will focus on more spacious facilities, new equipment and ventilation, improved quality of space, and more privacy and personal space for residents. Several nursing homes are to be replaced with new facilities, while others will undergo major additions, renovations and repairs. The government's plan is expected to be released soon.

"Nursing home infrastructure in New Brunswick is aging right along with our population," said Kenny. "We must move forward aggressively with our commitment to create 700 new beds over the next 10 years. Our capital renewal and replacement plan is an integral part of our ongoing effort to achieve this important goal in senior care."


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