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NB to headquarter CGI global e-government initiative (01/02/06)

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Feb. 6, 2001

FREDERICTON (CNB) -- CGI, Canada's largest independent IT firm, announced today that it will make Fredericton its headquarters for its "g-CommerceŽ Lab". Housed at its Fredericton Knowledge Park facilities, the CGI Lab will design and develop electronic systems that enhance access to and delivery of government services to citizens. This initiative has been strengthened by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Service New Brunswick (SNB) which will allow CGI and SNB to take the SNB approach to simplifying the delivery of government service to markets around the world. The MOU will be the agreement under which the parties work, pending negotiations on a five-year agreement.

Al MacDonald, Senior Vice President, CGI Group Inc. (Atlantic) with Premier Bernard Lord. (Click here to access a 150 dpi photo.)

Premier Bernard Lord says the MOU is a key component of the eNB strategy. "It improves government services to New Brunswickers by accelerating the pace of electronic service delivery," Lord said. "It is also important because it provides for a much needed investment in e-infrastructure and, research and development in the province."

Mike Roach, CGI executive vice-president and general manager for Canada said, "CGI intends to be a dominant player in the international government electronic service delivery market, which is forecast to reach CDN $150 billion over the next five years. SNB is the world's leader and our close working relationship with them has positioned us to reach our goals."

New Brunswick has gained international recognition as one of the first jurisdictions to successfully initiate and deploy "single window" citizen access to government services. Through SNB, the province integrates traditional and electronic service delivery, offering services from most government departments over-the- counter at one-stop service centres, over the phone at SNB Teleservices and through SNB On-Line.

Peter Mesheau, the minister responsible for SNB, also welcomed the initiative. "Technology has changed the way we live, work and do business. People expect to do business with government as simply and easily as they do business with the private sector. Our government understands this and gives top priority to initiatives that improve the delivery of service. This agreement will enable us to deliver serv ices innovatively, and to provide the things that support e-government such as training and process improvement."

CGI Atlantic Senior Vice President Al MacDonald added, "The agreement with SNB and the establishment of the g-Commerce Lab will fuel growth in both our Fredericton and Saint John offices. This is just the beginning of our planned initiatives for the Atlantic region. We will be announcing further investment in the near future that will see other national and international corporate mandates headquartered here." As well, added MacDonald, discussions for potential partnerships and cooperative projects have already taken place with officials of the National Research Council's recently-announced New Brunswick e-commerce centre.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Background information on the organizations is attached. CONTACTS: Amanda Harpelle, director of communications, Office of the Premier, 506-453-2144; Marc Gosselin, communications officer, Service New Brunswick, 506-457-7870; Al MacDonald, senior vice-president, CGI New Brunswick, 506-458-5020; Eileen Murphy, director, media relations, CGI - media relations, 514-841-3430; Ronald White, director, investor relations, CGI - investors relations, 514-841-3230.

Service New Brunswick is a Crown corporation responsible for making government services more accessible through one-stop service centres, through the Internet ( ) and toll-free over the phone (1-888-762-8600). The corporation is responsible for real property assessments, delivery of over 100 government services, the personal property and business registries and the real property registry. It is known internationally for its expertise in these areas, and in the development and maintenance of geographic information databases. The corporation has offices in 35 communities around the province and employs 600 people.

Founded in 1976, CGI is the largest independent Canadian information technology consulting firm and the fifth largest in North America, based on its headcount of close to 10,000 professionals. CGI's order backlog totals about CDN$7.0 billion and its revenue stands at CDN$1.4 billion. CGI provides end-to-end IT services and business solutions to 2,500 clients in Canada, United States and more than 20 countries throughout the world. Internet: