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Completion of highway improvements on TCH in Edmundston (04/11/12)

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Nov. 12, 2004

EDMUNDSTON (CNB) -- Highway improvements made to a section of the Trans-Canada Highway (Route 2) between the Hébert Boulevard and Mont Farlagne interchanges in Edmundston have been completed. The announcement was made today by Premier Bernard Lord, Madawaska-Restigouche MP Jean-Claude D'Amours, and New Brunswick Transportation Minister Paul Robichaud.

The cost of this project was $5.5 million, of which $5.05 million was shared equally by the federal and provincial governments. The project involved the construction of ramps to access the Trans-Canada Highway in eastbound and westbound directions at the Victoria street interchange. The improvements will provide better access from central and western Edmundston to the Trans-Canada Highway.

From left: Edmundston Mayor Gérald Allain, Madawaska-Restigouche MP Jean-Claude D'Amours, Premier Bernard Lord, Education Minister Madeleine Dubé, and Transportation Minister Paul Robichaud. (Large photo)

"The Government of Canada recognizes that infrastructure investments such as this enhance the safety, security and economic viability of our transportation system," D'Amours said. "This project is also an excellent example of co-operation between the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick." D'Amours spoke on behalf of Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre.

"The Victoria Street ramps will complement the other existing interchanges for the City of Edmundston while providing safer and more convenient access to businesses and industries located in that area of the city," Lord said. "These infrastructure improvements will increase the attractiveness of the Edmundston region as a place to invest by demonstrating our commitment to providing residents with an environment that ensures a better quality of life in the long term."

Funding for this project falls under the Canada/New Brunswick Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP). Under this program, the total contribution for New Brunswick is $29.2 million.

"Upgrading the highway system is crucial for New Brunswick, because it facilitates our continued participation in international trade and the global economy, and it encourages and nurtures interprovincial trade within Canada," Robichaud said.

Since 1993, the governments of Canada and New Brunswick have together committed $740 million to highway infrastructure and improvement projects in the province.

Federal funding for this project was built into the existing financial framework.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Background information on SHIP follows. MEDIA CONTACTS: Jacques Gravel, communications, Transport Canada, 613-993-0055; Alain Bryar, communications, NB Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; Irène Marcheterre, director of communications, Office of the Minister, Ottawa, 613-991-0700.

Backgrounder - Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP)

The Government of Canada is committed to improving the economy and the quality of life for Canadians by investing in highway infrastructure across Canada. As part of this commitment, Transport Canada announced the Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP) in April 2001. The program has two components: a $500 million highway construction component and a $100 million national system integration component.

Under the highway component, the Government of Canada works with the provinces and territories to identify those parts of the National Highway System that -- because of growing traffic and increasing trade -- need immediate attention. This will result in a safer and more efficient highway system for all Canadians.

An allocation formula determines how much federal funding each province and territory receives with a minimum of $4 million per jurisdiction plus a share based on population. Provinces and territories cost-share these projects on a 50-50 basis. Under this formula, the total federal allocation for the Province of New Brunswick is $14.6 million. Transport Canada has had six federal contribution programs with the province of New Brunswick since 1993 for a total of $740 million.

More information on the Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program is available online at: