Official opening of 29 kilometres of four-lane highway (06/11/03)

NB 1353

Nov. 3, 2006

LONGS CREEK (CNB) - The official opening of 29 kilometres of the new four-lane Trans-Canada Highway between Pokiok and Longs Creek took place today.


Representatives from the federal and provincial governments gathered at Longs Creek to officially mark the completion of the $125-million project. This joint investment is part of the $400-million agreement for the twinning of the Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick and was funded through the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF).

This project, in conjunction with other projects funded under the Canada/New Brunswick Agreement for the twinning of the Trans-Canada Highway, will result in the completion of a four-lane access-controlled highway from Halifax to the Quebec border. This new section of highway is expected to significantly reduce the overall accident rate and the number of fatalities as well as improve highway efficiency by reducing traffic congestion.

"New Brunswick is the gateway to the Maritimes," Transportation Minister Denis Landry said. "A comprehensive highway system is essential for economic growth. By completing this section of the four-lane Trans-Canada Highway in our province, we are strengthening our connection to key markets and essential services."

"The Government of Canada is proud to partner with the Province of New Brunswick to contribute to the improvement of New Brunswick's transportation system. This is an excellent example of co-operation between the federal and provincial governments," Tobique-Mactaquac MP Mike Allen said. "These investments will help reduce accident rates, benefit trade and innovation, and enhance the economy of the province." He spoke on behalf of Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.

This project consisted of the construction of a new four-lane highway to bypass 33.4 kilometres of two-lane Trans-Canada Highway (Route 2) between Pokiok and Longs Creek. Interchanges were constructed at Pokiok and Route 635 at Prince William near Kings Landing. The Pokiok interchange includes a one-kilometre connector road to the existing Route 2 interchange, which will allow traffic to cross Hawkshaw Bridge over the St. John River and travel to Nackawic. Bridges were constructed to cross the Pokiok Stream and Jewetts Creek. The service roads at Kings Landing and the Pokiok connector road were realigned. The project also included several other smaller bridges and overpasses and 32 linear kilometres of wildlife fencing.

The Government of Canada has committed $2 billion over the next four years to renew the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF), which will bring the total to $6 billion once implemented. Funds were also provided through the Canada/New Brunswick Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP).


MEDIA CONTACTS: Natalie Sarafian, press secretary, Office of the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, 613-991-0700; Tracey Burkhardt, director of communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; Danny Kingsberry, communications, Transport Canada, 613-993-0055.