TCH opening to result in changes to route numbers, names and exits (07/10/15)

NB 1326

Oct. 15, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The opening of the new four-lane Trans-Canada Highway between Grand Falls and Woodstock this fall will result in several changes to exit numbers, route numbers and names:

Route 2 will be assigned to the new four-lane Trans-Canada Highway.

Route 130 will still begin at Route 108 in Grand Falls, but will now follow the old Route 2 south to the Village of Aroostook, then follow Main Street through the village, then follow Aroostook Road outside the Village of Aroostook to the Village of Perth-Andover until it meets West Riverside Drive, then follow West Riverside Drive outside the Village of Perth-Andover, then follow the old Route 2 south until ties in with a new connector road for the new Trans-Canada Highway west of Somerville.

Route 590 will follow the old Route 2 alignment between Route 560 in Jacksonville and Route 130 in Somerville.

Ouellette Road will still begin at Route 218 in Grand Falls, but will now continue south along an access road and a portion of the old Route 2 to connect to Route 130.

The changes to Route 130 will result in the following changes to local named roads:

Aroostook Road: The portion of Aroostook Road between the Aroostook and Perth-Andover village limits will now be part of Route 130.

West Riverside Drive: The portion of West Riverside Drive between the southern limits of Perth-Andover and the old Route 2 will now be part of Route 130.

While now officially part of Route 130, the street names of Main Street in Aroostook and West Riverside Drive and Aroostook Road in Perth-Andover will not change. Civic numbering and civic addressing on these streets will not be affected.

Civic numbering and civic addressing will eventually change along the remainder of Route 130 and all of Route 590. The Department of Transportation will work with NB 9-1-1 and Canada Post to facilitate these changes once the new Trans-Canada Highway opens. Local residents will be informed of their new civic number and mailing address by the Department. Until they receive notice of the address change, residents should continue to use their existing address.

The following exit numbers have been assigned to exits between Grand Falls and Woodstock:


MEDIA CONTACT: Tracey Burkhardt, director of communications, Transportation, 506-453-5634.