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Village Historique Acadien

Missionary passes through Village Historique Acadien (99/07/13)

NB 926

July 13, 1999

RIVIÈRE-DU-NORD (CNB) - The Martin family at the Village Historique Acadien was visited by a missionary on Tuesday, July 13. The visit was part of a series of public activities organized by the village management in order to show tourists the different facets of Acadian life in the 19th century.

History tells us that the pioneers of Acadia, most of whom had settled along the shores and rivers, had to make do with occasional visits from missionaries. Missionary visits to the settlers who had been dispersed after the deportation were difficult to arrange because of the lack of means of communication, the distance between the villages, and the precarious situation of Acadians in relation to the English occupants.

It was not uncommon for families to have to wait five, six, even seven years before seeing the black-robed Jesuits appear in their area. As a result, the arrival of a missionary was a very special occasion. Families took advantage of the opportunity to confess and receive communion as well as to have their young children baptized or their marriage blessed.


MEDIA CONTACT: Sylvain Godin, historian, Village Historique Acadien, 506-726-2600.