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Chantons Louis Mailloux at the Village Historique Acadien (10/06/23)

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June 23, 2010

RIVIÈRE-DU-NORD (CNB) - The Village Historique Acadien (VHA) will be offering the public a musical presentation called Chantons Louis Mailloux, on Sunday, June 27, to mark the opening of its 2010 season.

This will be a concert presentation of the songs from the musical theatre production Louis Mailloux, which will be presented this summer in the newly renovated Carrefour de la mer theatre in Caraquet. A concert presentation is one without fanfare, with few sets and props, and no costumes or dramatization. It is simply the songs, performed by some of the artists who have left their mark on this major classic of Acadian theatre.

Louis Mailloux was developed by Réjean Poirier and the Théâtre populaire d'Acadie in the fall of 1975 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Louis Mailloux, a symbol of the Acadian resistance. Since its creation, the musical has been produced five times and recorded twice (a 33-LP record in 1979 and a CD in 1993). Its 112 performances have attracted 35,000 spectators.

La Compagnie Viola Léger is giving life to it for a sixth time this summer in an even bolder production featuring 16 artists and some 30 extras.

"I am happy to be able to present some of the artists who have contributed over the years to making the show so renowned," said Clarence LeBreton, executive director, VHA, and assistant deputy minister of tourism and parks. "The story of Louis Mailloux has its raison d'être at the VHA since Blackhall house, where this whole story began, was transported to the site and restored 30 years ago."

The artists in Chantons Louis Mailloux include:

Chantons Louis Mailloux will serve in part as a bridge between past productions and those to come, with the cast of the 2010 staging of Louis Mailloux joining the former cast members for the finale.

Artistic direction of Chantons Louis Mailloux has been entrusted to Calixte Duguay, while Isabelle Thériault will be the musical director and Claire Normand, the stage director. The show will be co-produced by the VHA and La Compagnie Viola Léger. Paul Marcel Albert will be the production director.

Chantons Louis Mailloux will be presented in front of the VHA's new 20th-century railway station at 1:30 p.m., on Sunday, June 27. Admission for this special day is half price, and the ticket is good for a second visit within seven days of purchase.



MEDIA CONTACTS: Myriam Léger, public relations, Village Historique Acadien, 506-726-2600,; Paul Marcel Albert, executive director, La Compagnie Viola Léger, 506-726-5001,