How Digital New Brunswick will benefit you

Simple. Reliable. For you.


Government services and information should be easy to find, use and understand.

Multigenerational family gathered around the kitchen table looking at a laptop together

Online, anytime

Convenient online services available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Find it fast

Find the right services and information you need, when you need it.

Easy to use

Better websites and services that are user-friendly and accessible.

Tell us once

You only have to share your information with us once. We won’t forget.


Get access to great online services you can rely on and trust.

Parents at home with young children playing on a tablet together


We will keep your personal information and private data safe.


We’ll make sure it’s you and that all online interactions and transactions are secure.


Feel confident using services that are consistent and familiar.


We’re working with the Federal Government to improve rural Internet access.

For you

Government services and information are for everyone.

Woman at home in her living room smiling as she has a video call with a friend on her mobile phone


Services are for everyone. If a service impacts people, we work with people to create it.


We’ll offer information and services based on other services you use.


We’ll share what we learn about new technologies with New Brunswick businesses.


Data that isn’t private or confidential will be open to everyone.

When we get there


Kabir wakes up to find it’s snowing outside. He uses his phone to check when the plow is coming to his street. It will be 45 minutes. He decides to take the bus rather than wait for the plow and drive.


Stephanie works for the Government of New Brunswick as the manager of a team. Their work involves creating services for New Brunswickers. She and the team are used to planning for people who want services in person or on the telephone. Now they are planning to deliver a service digitally. They are happy that they can get the training to make sure they do it right.