An Act to Incorporate the Filles de Jésus Moncton


WHEREAS the religious ladies established at Rogersville, in the County of Northumberland, and known as "La Congregation des Filles de Jesus", whose members aim at devoting themselves to educational, charitable, benevolent and hospitable undertakings, pray that it be enacted as hereinafter set forth;


AND WHEREAS it is desirable to continue La Congregation des Filles de Jesus as a body corporate under the name "Filles de Jésus Moncton";


THEREFORE, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, enacts as follows:


1                   La Congregation des Filles de Jesus, incorporated by AN ACT TO INCORPORATE CERTAIN PERSONS UNDER THE NAME OF "LA CONGREGATION DES FILLES DE JESUS", chapter 63 of 13 George VI, 1949, whose members, all of Rogersville, included The Provincial, Sister Marie Sainte Agathe, née Jeanne Francoise Lamour; Sister Marie Sainte Afra, née Marie Bernadette Norbert; Sister Marie Ste. Euchariste, née Marie Alice Trudel; and Sister Sophie Maria, née Agnes LeBlanc; and other religious ladies forming the Council of the said community, their associates and successors, is hereby continued as a body corporate under the name "Filles de Jésus Moncton" with all the general powers and privileges incident to corporations, and hereinafter referred to as the "corporation".


2                   The corporation shall have power to conduct, control and maintain convents, educational institutions, hospitals and dispensaries for the sick, asylums for orphan children and homes for the aged and infirm and such other persons who may desire to reside in any establishment of the corporation, according to the rules and by-laws of the corporation.


3                   The corporation shall have perpetual succession, a common seal and may sue and be sued; may purchase, receive or otherwise acquire lands or buildings in the Province of New Brunswick, may erect on such land acquired, as aforesaid or any of them convents, educational institutions, hospitals, asylums, homes and any other necessary buildings and works and may use, convert, adapt and maintain all or any of such land, buildings and premises to and for the purposes aforesaid, with their usual and necessary adjuncts and generally may enjoy real and personal estate and may mortgage, lease, convey or sell or otherwise dispose of such real and personal estate for the furtherance of the objects of the said corporation.


4                   The corporation shall have power by by-laws to regulate the number of its officers and to give to each officer the name which the said corporation may see fit and also to make rules and regulations for the guidance of its officers and members and the prosecution of its objects and purposes.


5                   The corporation may, by a simple delegation of the powers thereof, appoint an agent or attorney, and may remove him or her at pleasure and appoint another in his or her stead, to represent the said corporation and to take charge of and defend its interests before any courts of justice.


6                   The head office of the corporation shall be at Moncton or at such other place in the Province of New Brunswick as may be determined by the by-laws of the corporation.


7                   All debts and liabilities owing or incurred by La Congregation des Filles de Jesus, prior to the passage of this Act, shall be paid and discharged by the corporation and all property, moneys and debts belonging to or due La Congregation des Filles de Jesus, at the time of the passage of this Act, shall vest in and may be sued for and recovered in the name of the corporation.


8                   The corporation may acquire real and personal property by deed, gift, will or any other manner recognized by law, and no such deed, gift, will or other conveyance or transfer shall be or be held void in whole or in part on account of any errors in the name of the corporation so long as the intention of the grantor, donor, or testator is expressed beyond reasonable doubt.


9                   The corporation is hereby empowered to construct any or all of the buildings hereinbefore mentioned and for the raising of monies to enable the corporation to construct said buildings, to issue bonds, debentures and other securities of the corporation, whether such bonds or debentures are secured by mortgage of part or all of the lands and premises of the corporation or not, and to make and negotiate promises to pay; call in such bonds and debentures which by the terms were callable and redeem them by payment and generally to pledge the credit and property of the corporation for the purpose of the corporation.


10                 AN ACT TO INCORPORATE CERTAIN PERSONS UNDER THE NAME OF "LA CONGREGATION DES FILLES DE JESUS", chapter 63 of 13 George VI, 1949, is repealed.


11                 AN ACT TO AMEND AN ACT TO INCORPORATE LA CONGREGATION DES FILLES DE JESUS 1949, chapter 83 of 4 Elizabeth II, 1955, is repealed.