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An Act to Amend the Regional Health Authorities Act

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Hon. E. Robichaud
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Text of Bill :

   Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, enacts as follows:

1                   Section 1 of the Regional Health Authorities Act, chapter R-5.05 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 2002, is amended

   (a)       by adding the following definitions in alphabetical order:

   “community health services” means medical services and nursing or nurse practitioner services, and may include such other health services as are prescribed by regulation;
(«services de santé communautaires»)
   “community health centre” means a place in which community health services are delivered or provided; («centre de santé communautaire»)
   (b)       by repealing the definition “facility” and substituting the following:
   “facility” means a building or premises in or from which health services are provided; («établissement»)
   (c)       by repealing the definition “health services” and substituting the following:

   “health services” means hospital services, addiction services, extra-mural services and community health services; («services de santé»)

2                   Section 72 of the Act is amended

   (a)       by adding after paragraph (b) the following:

   (b.1)   transferring responsibility for premises from one regional health authority to another, including transferring and vesting ownership in property and interest in property
   that is used for or in connection with or that relates to the premises, or that is associated with or that relates to the operation or maintenance of the premises and vesting all
   rights, obligations, assets, liabilities, powers and responsibilities that relate to the premises or that are associated with the operation and maintenance of the premises;

   (b)       by adding after paragraph (s) the following:

   (s.1)    prescribing health services for the purposes of the definition “community health services”;
   (s.2)    respecting the delivery or provision of community health services by a regional health authority;
   (s.3)    respecting the operation of a community health centre;


Amendment : Section 2
Strike out paragraph (a).

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