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++ Fairness in Fees Act +

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Mr. Lamrock
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Bill 29

Text of Bill :
Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, enacts as follows:


1                           In this Act

"Minister" means the Minister of any government department and includes any person designated by a Minister to act on the Minister's behalf. (ministre)

Application of this Act

2(1)                   This Act binds the Crown.

2(2)                   For further certainty, this Act binds all government departments and agencies.


3(1)                   The Taxpayer Protection Act, chapter T-0.5 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 2003, is amended by adding the following after section 17:


17.1(1)          "Minister" in this section means Minister as defined in the Fairness in Fees Act.

17.1(2)          Neither the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, nor any Minister, nor any other official designated under any statute or regulation thereunto as having the authority to increase the fee prescribed by any department or agency for any service, document, license, or privilege, may increase said prescribed fee unless the Minister responsible for said department or agency has

(a)               presented notice of the increase in the prescribed fee to the Legislative Assembly in the budgetary Estimates for said department or agency; and

(b)               provided details of the fees to be collected as part of the Estimates process, including

(i)         the purpose and amount of the fee to be charged,

(ii)       the total revenue expected from each fee, and

(iii)    whether the fee is designed to recover the full costs of providing a service, the partial costs of the service, or to generate revenue in excess of the cost of providing the service.

3(2)                   Subsection 48(3) of the Financial Administration Act, chapter F-11 of the Revised Statutes of New Brunswick, 1973, is amended

(a)               in paragraph (a) by striking out "and" at the end of the paragraph;

(b)               in paragraph (b) by striking out the period at the end of the paragraph and substituting a comma followed by "and";

(c)               by adding after paragraph (b) the following:

(c)                the amount of revenue raised by each fee prescribed for any service, document, license, or privilege and the actual cost of providing said service, document, license, or privilege.


4                           This Act comes into force on December 31, 2004.


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