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Bill 67

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Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, enacts as follows:


1                           The following definitions apply in this Act.

"Committee" means the committee established in section 2. (Comité)

"Minister" means the Minister of Education. (ministre)

"objectives" means the objectives aimed at the enhancement of school libraries established in section 4. (objectifs)

"term" means four years. (mandat)

Establishment of Committee

2                           A body for study and consultation, hereinafter called "the Committee" is established under the name "Committee for Restoring School Libraries" in English and "le Comité pour l'amélioration des bibliothèques scolaires" in French.

Duties of the Committee

3                           The Committee shall

(a)                      provide advice and counsel to the Minister on the objectives; and

(b)                      report to the Legislative Assembly, as established by section 5, on the progress made towards the objectives and the additional steps required to ensure their attainment.


4                           The Minister shall consult with the Committee in order to attain the following objectives by December 31, 2010:

(a)                      equipping every school, as defined by the Education Act, with a school library which is an effective centre for the development of reading, research and problem-solving skills;

(b)                      maintaining data for each district regarding

(i)               spending on library books and other media;

(ii)               number of provincial holdings of books and other media;

(iii)               number of library books by Canadian authors;

(iv)               number of qualified librarians and teacher librarians in schools; and

(v)               number of hours which school libraries are open, staffed, and available to students;

(c)                      implementing an increase in library books and other media holdings by fifty percent from the levels in place on January 1, 2005;

(d)                      ensuring that school libraries increase the proportion of their holdings which are the copyrighted works of Canadian authors;

(e)                      creating a professional designation for the position of teacher-librarian and school librarian;

(f)                      ensuring that schools have access to librarians and teacher librarians who are available to teaching faculty to assist in the development of curriculum and pedagogy;

(g)                      ensuring that students at every school have adequate access to their library and librarians during instructional time, and for reasonable times outside normal hours of in-class instruction; and

(h)                      developing provincial standards for the dedicated funding of the maintenance and enhancement of school library collections.

Committee Report

5(1)                   The Committee shall report to the Legislative Assembly each calendar year no later than the thirty-first day of December, by filing a report with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

5(2)                   The report of the Committee shall contain

(a)               a report on progress toward the objectives;

(b)                      information on the level of funding, by district, designated to school libraries;

(c)                      recommendations for making further progress on the objectives, including the levels of funding; and

(d)               any further information the Committee shall see fit.

5(3)                   The Minister may, by regulation, impose additional requirements upon the report of the Committee.

5(4)                   The Minister shall, within ninety days of receipt of the report of the Committee by the Legislative Assembly, lay before the Legislative Assembly a response to any recommendations made by the Committee.

Composition of Committee

6(1)                   The Committee shall consist of up to nine members appointed by the Minister.

6(2)                   The Minister shall appoint a Chairperson.

6(3)                   The Minister shall ensure that at least one member of the Committee is a school librarian employed within the Province of New Brunswick.

6(4)                   The Minister shall ensure that at least three members of the Committee are school teachers employed within the Province of New Brunswick.

6(5)                   The Minister shall ensure representation from the Anglophone and Francophone education systems when appointing members of the Committee.

6(6)                   The Minister shall, in making appointments under subsection (4), consult with the associations representing teachers in negotiations under the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

Reappointment or replacement of members

7(1)                   The members of the Committee shall continue to serve notwithstanding the expiry of their term until notice is given to the Minister.

7(2)                   The Minister shall fill any vacancy upon the Committee as required.

7(3)                   The Minister may, by regulation, establish compensation to be paid to members of the Committee.

Consequential Amendments

8                              Subsection 57(1) of the Education Act, chapter E-1.12 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 1997, is amended

(a)               by adding after paragraph (e) the following:

(e.1)                      respecting the minimum levels of funding and hours of operation for school libraries;

(b)               by adding after paragraph (w.1) the following:

(w.1.1)                      respecting the qualifications needed for the designation of teacher-librarian;


9                           This Act shall lapse on December 31, 2010.


10                        This Act or any provision of it comes into force on a day or days to be fixed by proclamation.


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