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Petroleum Act

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Hon. Donald Arseneault
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Bill 65

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Amendment : Section 130 Subsection (9)

Strike out the subsection.

Section 134 Subsection (1)

Strike out subsection 134(1) and substitute the following:
134(1) No action lies for damages or otherwise against any of the following persons in relation to anything done or purported to be done in good faith, or in relation to anything omitted in good faith, under this Act by the person:

(a) the Minister;

(b) the Minister of Finance;

(c) any person whose duties include the administration and enforcement of this Act while that person is executing his or her duties under this Act; and

(d) any person who is acting under the instructions of a person referred to in paragraph (a), (b) or (c).

Section 136 Subsection (2)

Strike out “Minister,”.

Section 150 Subsection (1)

Strike out subsection 150(1) and substitute

150(1) If the Director believes, on reasonable and probable grounds, that a person has contravened a provision of this Act of the regulations that is prescribed by regulation, any terms and conditions of a petroleum right, a geophysical licence or a well licence or contravened a provision of a directive issued by the director, the Director may issue a notice of contravention and permit the person to pay an administrative penalty.

Section 150 Subsection (3)

Strike out “Minister” and substitute “Director”.

Section 155 Subsection (5) Paragraph (b)

Strike out “E” and substitute “I”.

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