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This is a 'text only' version of the Business Plan 1996-2001. It does not contain any graphics or tables. If you would like a complete copy of the Business Plan, please contact NB Power Public Affairs (506) 458-4444.

Business Plan 1996-2001

NB Power has recently released its Business Plan 1996-2001, the second update since the plan was first released to the public in 1994. The plan projects modest rate increases, tight cost control and significant debt reduction over the next five years.

The five year plan projects:

  • an average rate increase of 2.9% for each of the first three fiscal years followed by two years with no increases
  • NB Power's debt has peaked and will be paid down by over $750 million during the next five years
  • Operations, maintenance, administration (OM&A) costs and capital expenditures will be reduced by $204 million over five years compared to levels projected in last year's plan
  • Net income for 1995/96 is projected at $1.7 million after allowing for one-time charges incurred as a result of the extended outage at Point Lepreau and the $10.5 million cost of the early retirement/voluntary separation plan
  • A net income of $30 million is projected for 1996/97
  • This year's Load Forecast indicates in-province energy requirements will increase by an average of 1.5% annually

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