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Focused Business Plans - People Management


Key Initiatives


The electric utility industry is experiencing rapid changes. Rapid load growth realized between the 1950s and the 1980s has decreased recently. As a result, NB Power has determined that no new major facilities are required in the near future. Additionally, the evolution of electric utilities into a deregulated and competitive environment means more than ever that customers come first. NB Power is now focusing on investments in the training and development of its workforce in order to best adapt to future challenges. NB Power's corporate success depends ultimately on the ability to attract, retain and develop the most competent people available.

Key Initiatives

Employee Development

NB Power is evaluating the corporate-wide implementation of its Performance Management Program which has been fully implemented at the Point Lepreau generating station and in the Human Resources and Administration Division. A proactive approach to succession planning and executive development is underway to ensure qualified successors are available to fill key corporate positions. The executive development requirement identified in an independent assessment program is being addressed in 1996. A series of Senior Management Forums has been initiated to enhance the development of the overall corporate management team and to discuss organizational strategic directions.

An annual training plan is being developed in the upcoming year for employee and management development. This plan will supplement a secondment plan which is also being offered to broaden employees' knowledge and experience. Policies and practices relating to employees being transferred will be revised to ensure that the Corporation fosters a flexible and mobile workforce.

NB Power is also developing a team based recruitment and selection system. This system will utilize an Employee Skills Inventory based on generic competencies required by NB Power to fill projected vacancies within the Corporation.

Employee Relations

NB Power has undertaken a five year commitment to design and implement an Active Living and Lifestyle project. The overall objective of the project is to reduce current levels of illness through the adoption of healthier lifestyles. By achieving this objective, NB Power is aiming to improve corporate productivity through less absenteeism, reduced corporate health care costs and greater productivity while at work.

Negotiations with the IBEW will continue. It is NB Power's objective to sign new agreements during 1996.

Employee Equity

NB Power will be focusing on a communication strategy designed to promote an environment of equality where members of all groups are evaluated for employment based solely on job ability. In 1996/97 NB Power will be conducting an employee attitudinal survey to elicit information to be used in the development of employees and for human resource planning in general. Based on this information, a Workplace Diversity Program will be developed and awareness sessions will be conducted throughout the province. Specific employee equity programs dealing with workplace violence and outreach and development programs with community organizations will also be pursued to address the long-term organizational requirements.

Health and Safety

NB Power's commitment to Health and Safety issues is being expanded in the upcoming years with the introduction of several new initiatives. A Corporate Safety Recognition program is being launched to recognize those individuals and groups that display outstanding commitment in their day-to-day activities. An Accident Cost Awareness program is being implemented to fully measure the true impact that each accident has on personnel, equipment and facilities.

A study to educate employees on techniques designed to reduce occurrences of strain related injuries and long-term stress disorders will also be designed in 1996.

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