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Focused Business Plans - Technology Management


Key Initiatives


The 1990s have been witness to an ever increasing pace of change with regard to information technology. Rapid reductions in the cost of computing power and telecommunications are combining to create powerful opportunities for enhancing the way corporations conduct business. For this reason, NB Power reconsidered and revised its five year technology plan in 1994. Consequently, the emphasis for the next five years is shifting from downscaling and downsizing the business information systems division to using up-to-date technology to improve business decision making.

Key Initiatives

Business Process Improvements

NB Power has recognized that more aggressive use of today's technologies, coupled with a fundamental rethinking of how the business is conducted, can provide substantial reductions in operating costs.

Driving this systems renewal will be a fundamental rethinking of the entire administrative processes of the Corporation and management information strategy. Business processes will be revisited to ensure the simplest, most cost effective means of conducting business are utilized.

SAP System Enhancements

The SAP project discussed in the NB Power - Technology Management section is scheduled for implementation on April 1, 1996. Once in place, this financial accounting, cost management and materials management software will allow NB Power to not only integrate its information system, but also streamline information flows and provide "real time" management data. Following completion of the first three modules, NB Power will implement the latest release of SAP software. This software release allows for enhanced budgeting capabilities, primarily activity-based costing and management.

Potential applications of SAP software go beyond the systems presently being developed at NB Power. Plant maintenance, human resources, warehousing, customer information and billing systems are a few of the modules available for future development. NB Power is monitoring the development of all SAP systems. During the period covered by this Business Plan these reviews may lead to the implementation of other SAP modules should significant benefits be identified.

Information Highway

NB Power continues to monitor potential applications the information highway may provide to the Corporation. As this communications vehicle gains popular support, applications to provide enhanced customer service through improved access to NB Power systems will be investigated where appropriate. During 1996, NB Power will join NBTel in a pilot project designed to allow interaction with our customers. Potential uses of the project include customer billings and payments, load management initiatives, and the sharing of demand-side management information.

NB Power will expand its existing Residential Load Research Program during 1996/97 to include the commercial and industrial sectors as well as a possible time-of-use rate project.

Research and Development

NB Power gains significant Research and Development (R&D) information from manufacturers and suppliers of products required by the Corporation. In addition, NB Power supports R&D in the nuclear field through its participation in the Candu Owners Group (COG). In this way, NB Power gains access to a large body of work, important to the operation of Point Lepreau, for relatively low cost.

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