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Privacy: Discussion Paper # 2

May 1998


Executive Summary
I. Data Protection in the Private Sector
A. Is there a need for private sector legislation?
B. What might data protection legislation say?
B.1 The scope of data protection legislation
a. To whom will the Act apply?
b. What is meant by "personal information"?
B.2 The CSA Principles

CSA Principle 1 --Accountability

CSA Principle 2 --Identifying Purposes

CSA Principle 3 --Consent

CSA Principle 4 --Limiting Collection

CSA Principle 5 --Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention

CSA Principle 6 --Accuracy

CSA Principle 7 --Safeguards

CSA Principle 8 --Openness

CSA Principle 9 --Individual Access

CSA Principle 10 --Challenging Compliance

B.3 Other Issues Arising

a. Sectoral Codes

b. Enforcement
II. Privacy In General
A. Judicial remedies for Invasion of Privacy
A.1 Existing Remedies
A.2 A Tort of Invasion of Privacy?
A.3 To Legislate or Not
B. Non-Judicial Remedies for Infringements of Privacy
B.1 "Infringements of Privacy"
B.2 Beyond a Social Sanction?
B.3 Possible models



Appendix A -- Summary of Propositions

Appendix B -- The Public Sector Act

Appendix C -- The Uniform Privacy Act

Appendix D -- Alternative Approach (Summary)

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