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Final Report on Public Automobile Insurance in New Brunswick

The Select Committee on Public Automobile Insurance was asked to look at the various public automobile insurance systems in Canada and identify the most suitable model of public automobile insurance to ensure fair, accessible and affordable automobile insurance for all New Brunswickers, in the event a decision is made to move to a public system.

As a result of its research and deliberations, the Committee has developed a unique public automobile insurance model appropriate to the needs of New Brunswickers.This report outlines the key elements of the model as well as the start-up costs, impact on provincial finances and the legal, trade and economic implications of putting in place the proposed model.

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Report Sections


  • Appendices A - J (PDF)
    Appendix A - Motion 30
    Appendix B - Glossary of Terms
    Appendix C - Review of Public Automobile Insurance Systems in Canada
    Appendix D - No-Fault Benefit Levels Across Canada
    Appendix E - List of Presenters and Submissions Received
    Appendix F - Summary of Public Consultations
    Appendix G - List of In-Camera Presentations
    Appendix H - Public Automobile Insurance Corporations: Road Safety Initiatives
    Appendix  I - Public Automobile Insurance Corporations: Crime Prevention
    Appendix J - Public Automobile Insurance Corporations: Other Vehicles

  • Appendices K - L (PDF)
    Appendix K - New Brunswick Public Automobile Insurance Model-Executive Business Plan
    Appendix L - New Brunswick Public Automobile Insurance Model-Sample Rates

  • Appendix M (PDF)
    Appendix M - Manitoba Public Insurance Letter of Intent

  • Appendices N - O (PDF)
    Appendix N - New Brunswick Public Automobile Insurance Model-Economic Impact Assessment
    Appendix O - Registered Vehicles by Vehicle Type in New Brunswick, 2003

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