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The Department's core mission will be to create a more total development, value-added, food
production sector. It will provide a clear window for farmers, fishers and food processors to seek services and assistance to help them in their needs. Farm safety net and other programs will be consolidated and enhanced under the new department. The department will work closely with the private sector, food processors, and agriculture, fisheries, and aquaculture associations to foster more cost-effective means of delivering services.


The Department reports that it does not have specific programs that directly impact on health and wellness. However, it is involved in programs or activities that can be considered to have some impact on the determinants of health.

The New Brunswick Women's Institute - The New Brunswick Women's Institute and its French counterpart the Institut féminin francophone du Nouveau-Brunswick, as well as 4-H Clubs, offer a form of social support network, mostly in rural communities. These organizations bring people together and offer, either on a formal or informal basis, activities which foster social well being. The Department currently provides operating grants to both WI and 4-H.

Women's Institutes have been active in the Province since 1911. They are made up of local Branches (mostly centred around one or two communities) and work on or deal mostly with issues related to their communities. At the provincial level, they deal with issues such as women's rights, literacy, heritage, education, nutrition, and family violence. Quite often these same topics are used by local Branches as a way to generate interest at the community level. There are about 2000 members throughout the Province. The WI Act is administered by the NBDAFA.

4-H Program - The 4-H Program is delivered through the NB 4-H Council. Members belong to Clubs, which have adult leaders. While many projects deal with livestock, others such as Food try to emphasize the role of good nutrition. As well they have public speaking and demonstration competitions, which encourages members to develop more self-assurance and reach their full potential.

New Brunswick Fairs and Exhibitions Association _ The department also works with the New Brunswick Fairs and Exhibitions Association, even though their activities are limited to fair season. They play a role in education and offer a chance for local people to get together.

Agriculture Awareness Committee - The Agriculture Awareness Committee, made up of representatives of various agricultural commodities, focuses on promoting agriculture but in the process also educates people on food related issues.

Pesticide Issues - Staff within the Department often have to deal with pesticide issues. Educating producers on the proper use of pesticides also helps to promote a healthy lifestyle from a health perspective. We also respond to a number of inquiries from the general public on garden problems and try to educate them on the proper use of techniques that can be used to fight these pests.

Farm Safety - Farm safety is also an issue as the physical environment in which agricultural producers operate is often dangerous. Farm safety is now the responsibility of the Federation of Agriculture but the Department has in the past provided assistance towards projects, which deal with farm safety.


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