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Letter of Transmittal

June 15, 2000

To The Honourable
The Legislative Assembly of
The Province of New Brunswick

Mr. Speaker:

I have the pleasure to present herewith the First Report of the Select Committee on Health Care.

Your Committee was mandated to examine, inquire into and report to the House with respect to the delivery of health care in New Brunswick and to consider such other matters referred to the Committee by the Minister of Health and Wellness.

This Report is a progress report of your Committee's deliberations on the matter of developing a wellness strategy to help New Brunswickers stay healthy longer, referred to your Committee by Hon. Dennis Furlong, Minister of Health and Wellness.

To date, your Committee has received several presentations related to health and wellness, has worked to define wellness, and has taken a first look at health and wellness related policies across government departments.

As part of the process to develop a wellness strategy, your Committee has completed an initial inventory of government programs that impact on health and wellness. This is included as Appendix "A" of the Report.

Your Committee looks forward to submitting a comprehensive wellness strategy document to the House during the next session.

On behalf of the Committee, I wish to thank the presenters who appeared before the Committee thus far, particularly Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain, Dr. Mark Tremblay and Hon. Dennis Furlong.

In addition, I wish to thank the numerous government officials that have been so cooperative in providing valuable information.

And your Committee begs leave to make a further report.

Respectfully submitted,

Madeleine Dubé, MLA

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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