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No. 15

Tuesday, February 27, 1996.

2.30 o'clock p.m.


Government Motions re Business of House

Hon. Mr. Tyler rose and announced that following the closing of the Budget Debate, the House would enter into Committee of Supply to consider the Capital Budgets of the departments of Municipalities, Culture and Housing; Transportation; Supply and Services; Health and Community Services; Regional Development Corporation; Agriculture; Economic Development and Tourism; Education and the Environment.


Second Reading

The Order being read for Second Reading of Bill 23, An Act to Amend the Schools Act, a debate arose thereon.

And after some time spent therein, Mr. Speaker declared it to be 6 o'clock p.m. and left the chair to resume at 8 o'clock p.m.

8 o'clock p.m.

Mr. Speaker resumed the chair.

The debate continued on the motion for second reading of Bill 23.

And after some time, Hon. Mr. Frenette arose on a Point of Order and moved that the House do now adjourn.

Mr. Speaker ruled that the Government House Leader did not have a valid point of order further stating that a Member may not use a point of order to secure the floor in order to move the adjournment of the House.

Debate continued on the motion for second reading,

And after some time, it was agreed by the unanimous consent of the House that the Speaker declare it to be 11 o'clock p.m.


And then, 10.50 o'clock p.m., the House adjourned.

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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